SynDi: Fueling Tomorrow with Residues of Today!
Unleashing Potential: SynDi Transforms
Any Hydrocarbon Residues!
Clean & Green: SynDi's Low-Temp & Low-Pressure = Harmful-Gas-Free Solution
Sustainable Fuel, Zero Food Chain Impact:
SynDi's Residues-Only Approach
SynDi: Ready-to-Use Synthetic Fuel
Zero Waste: SynDi's By-Products
Powering Other Industries
SynDi Solution:
A Very Positive CO2-Negative Solution
AI Supported For Self-Regulated,
Remote-Managed SynDi Plant
SynDi: The Superior, Eco-Friendly,
and Cost-Effective Choice
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Acquiring energy sustainably equates to fostering a healthy environment for human existence.


SynDi is an innovative green solution at the vanguard of decarbonizing energy by producing sustainable and much-needed alternative fuels crafted from man-made residues.


Fully automated and AI-supported ZeroWaste production makes SynDi user-friendly to deliver high-quality alternative fuel for transportation. Process ensures high energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness while minimizing emissions.


Zero Waste.
-90% CO2 footprint.
Premium return.

Europe's inaugural SynDi production ShowRoom, a pivotal milestone for our global reach is being set up. Join us in shaping the future of clean energy!

Why SynDi Solution?


Premium return

Up to 25% with biomass-based alternative fuel, and well over 40% when utilizing plastic residues.

Sharing benefits

Across entire value chain: more profitable residues management with over 40% returns on produced fuel, and an easy additional +25% margin for fuel in the retai.
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Diverse residues

Harnessing of well over 50% hydrocarbon-rich residues such as biomass, textile, used oil, and plastics is made achievable through the assistance of artificial intelligence.

Highly efficient

While it closely replicates natural processes, employs an energy efficient, low-temp, and low-pressure conversion of nearly 80% of the energy contained in the residues into the alternative fuel.


AI system effectively orchestrates nearly 200 sensors within the production process, delivering users flexible, robust device management and streamlined, cost-effective maintenance solutions.
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Low-Carbon Fuels

Besides the ground transportation synthetic fuel, the future development is focused on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and marine fuel.
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