Taking part in the challenging AquaSPICE European project under the Horizon 2020 program, which is the biggest EU Research and Innovation program. Our team is participating in this project as one of the key contributors, contributing expertise and dedication to advancing sustainable aquaculture practices. AquaSPICE represents a groundbreaking initiative that aligns with the broader goals of Horizon 2020, aiming to address complex challenges and foster innovation across various sectors. As we engage in this collaborative endeavor, our commitment to promoting sustainable solutions in aquaculture is underscored. Through our active involvement in AquaSPICE, we aspire to be at the forefront of shaping the future of aquaculture, driving positive environmental impacts and contributing to the overarching mission of Horizon 2020 to create a more innovative, competitive, and sustainable Europe.

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In cooperation with IRCAI @UNESCO, JEMS, and SDAIA, we exchanged common views on the implementation

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