Can Climeworks save the world?

CO2 capturing at the end of the pipe is one of our future projects. Therefore, we are monitoring emerging technologies for CO2 capturing and their parts. We will be ready when these technologies will be ready for implementation. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we recognize the importance of addressing carbon emissions at their source. CO2 capturing technologies offer a promising avenue to mitigate the impact of industrial processes on the environment. Our proactive approach involves staying abreast of the latest developments in this field, evaluating the efficiency and feasibility of emerging technologies, and positioning ourselves to integrate effective CO2 capturing solutions into our operations when the time is right. By actively engaging with these advancements, we aim to contribute to the collective effort in combating climate change and fostering a more sustainable future for generations to come.”

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In cooperation with IRCAI @UNESCO, JEMS, and SDAIA, we exchanged common views on the implementation

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