Global Entrepreneurship Summit

Presentation of the BeautiFUEL project at an event that showcases the best and latest technology and trends signifies a pivotal moment in our commitment to innovation and sustainable practices. This platform not only allows us to unveil the advancements of BeautiFUEL but also positions us at the forefront of technological evolution. By participating in an event that gathers the brightest minds and cutting-edge solutions, we aim to demonstrate how BeautiFUEL represents a transformative leap in alternative fuel production. Our presentation is a testament to our dedication to staying abreast of the latest trends, embracing innovation, and contributing to the ongoing dialogue about the future of sustainable energy. Through BeautiFUEL, we strive to inspire change, foster collaboration, and lead the way in reshaping the landscape of clean and efficient energy solutions for a better and more sustainable tomorrow.

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In cooperation with IRCAI @UNESCO, JEMS, and SDAIA, we exchanged common views on the implementation

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