Where is Slovenia in Renewable energy?

If Slovenia is reaching EU recycling goals, it is far from reaching renewable energy goals. SynDi can help achieve them. While Slovenia has made significant strides in meeting recycling targets set by the EU, the country faces challenges in fulfilling its renewable energy goals. SynDi, our innovative solution, emerges as a key player in bridging this gap. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices, SynDi aims to contribute significantly to Slovenia’s renewable energy objectives. Our commitment to advancing clean energy aligns with the broader goals of creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. Through SynDi, we aspire to propel Slovenia towards a greener and more resilient energy landscape, ultimately aiding the nation in meeting and exceeding its renewable energy targets in the coming years.

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In cooperation with IRCAI @UNESCO, JEMS, and SDAIA, we exchanged common views on the implementation

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